five minute friday :: whole


What makes me whole? Him Indoors and HRH the son, my reasons to be here, to love them wholeheartedly and hopefully, them loving me back. I’m sure they do. At the moment, Him Indoors is cooking our dinner, how sweet of him. And as for the son, he’s doing fine in the UK and he usually skypes us on Sundays.

My mother and my siblings make me whole, too. I’m so grateful that my mother is still here with us and still quite active and strong at 78. She’s looking forward to flying to the UK to attend HRH the son’s wedding next month. The same goes for my siblings. My sister and husband are coming from Canada for the wedding. And my youngest brother and family are already in the UK, so they’ll definitely be able attend. As for my elder brother and his family, he might be on his ship so they’ll be able to miss the wedding.

That’s it from me on the topic of whole. Have a great weekend, everyone!

For: Five Minute Friday by Kate Motaung


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