The Day the Earth Tilted on Its Axis

Into each life a little dramatic change must fall. Whether it is a common occurrence, or a unique experience known only to you, relate a story—factual or fictional—about how your world (or another person’s), or your attitude/perspective of the world/life changed because of a dramatic event or particular experience.


She was such a lovely girl
The first baby in the house
The first daughter, the first niece
The first granddaughter of my Mom
She was our little star on stage
She could sing, dance and perform
She was a darling of everyone
We could still hear her laughter
We could remember her plans
Not even 21 when she left us
Words couldn’t express our loss

Remembering Jessamine
The day she left us broke our hearts
We remembered her poems, paintings and arts
Each one of us has a different way to mourn
We all love her from the day she was born
Different ways of coping and of remembering
What ties us all is the love for her, our darling
That she was still here singing and dancing
All the things she did were entertaining
That the years never really mattered

As the flames leapt skyward
Farewell our Jessamine, farewell
We closed our eyes and sighed
Gone but not disremembered
Her memories lingered on
The happiness she gave us
In that brief time she was here
We’d treasure every moment
Perhaps she left some gift
Legacy of faith, love and fun
Life is short and must use it well
Rest in peace, our darling Jessamine

(c) ladyleemanila 2016

For: The Day the Earth Tilted on Its Axis


9 thoughts on “The Day the Earth Tilted on Its Axis

  1. I’m sorry for your loss. It is especially tragic when a young person, such as your Jessamine dies so young. She sounds like a lovely girl and the poem is great tribute to her. You’ll see her again, it will just be a while.

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