Green – Trilonnet

Trilonnet, created by Shelley A. Cephas, is a 14-line poem made up of four three-line verses of 8 syllables (iambic tetrameter) and one rhyming couplet or four three-lined verses of 10 syllables (iambic pentameter) and one rhyming couplet.

Each 3 line verse is an unrhymed triplet. Each triplet has a rhyme scheme of abc. It is related to a sonnet in that it made up of 14 lines. There are 2 rhyme schemes for this form:

abc abc abc abc dd

or abc cba abc cba dd

This form is written in either iambic tetrameter or iambic pentameter.


When cold winter decides to leave
And spring comes forth and keeps us warm
And new leaves and blooms start to pop

It is as long as we believe
From white to green being transformed
We have to plant and harvest crop

New thread to spin, new cloth to weave
Great ability to perform
We’ll carry on, let’s not stop

Situation that’s quick to perceive
That is hopefully no more storm
All the greeneries as backdrop

And all the leaves in all places
From trees, shrubberies and bushes

(c) ladyleemanila 2016

For: Green

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