Leaving the Nest

My young son asks me…
by Bertolt Brecht

My young son asks me: Must I learn mathematics?
What is the use, I feel like saying. That two pieces
Of bread are more than one’s about all you’ll end up with.
My young son asks me: Must I learn French?
What is the use, I feel like saying. This State’s collapsing.
And if you just rub your belly with your hand and
Groan, you’ll be understood with little trouble.
My young son asks me: Must I learn history?
What is the use, I feel like saying. Learn to stick
Your head in the earth, and maybe you’ll still survive.

Yes, learn mathematics, I tell him.
Learn your French, learn your history!

Image: Google Images.

when he was young, everything that he saw he asked WHAT
was that about, curious on things here and there, that IS
why did it happen or tell me more, about the birds and THE
bees and where did he come from and what was the USE,
of this thing and that. We tried to answer as much but I
sometimes wasn’t sure of stuff, then he started to FEEL
more and more confident, learning them by himself LIKE
how to cycle, how to ski, to play fair, to get ready SAYING,
I can do this and know what I want. Lots of things to LEARN
before he could fly the nest, and he took his time and willing TO
do his homework, his guitar, his football, his drama and STICK
to them like glue, after all, when all was said and done and YOUR
world doesn’t include us anymore, better to be ready in your HEAD
that we’re just a phone call away or in our case, we can skype IN
the weekend and you can tell us about your week and we’ll do THE
same from our side of the world and we see each other on EARTH,
time for us to get use to you not being here, that it’s just us now AND
we are so proud of you and what you have achieved and perhaps MAYBE
and indeed life is wonderful, as we are behind whatever you do and YOU’LL
appreciate more when you come back here, which is your home STILL
from the bottom of our hearts wish you the best of luck for you to SURVIVE.

(c) ladyleemanila 2016

For: Tale Weaver #61 – Departure.

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