Back on Campus


Being back on campus for the first time in 25 years brought back so many long-forgotten memories.

Those were the days when she was young and carefree, ready to show the world what she could do. Those days when they would sit on the grass when the weather permitted it and just hanged around. Those days when she first left home and although she missed her family, had found new friends and had tried new adventures. Ah! the first taste of freedom, of deciding things for herself and trusting and relying on her own judgment.

Those were the days when she met him, who has charmed her from day one. Tall, handsome and very intelligent, he had all the attention of the girls, but he chose her. She was really flattered, why her, she often asked herself. Everything was rosy, wining and dining. But something happened and they had to part ways, which broke her heart.

Back to the present. She’s here to attend her son’s graduation and she’s very proud of him. After three years, he earned his much deserved degree. He looked just like his father – tall, handsome and very intelligent. How she wished he could see him now.

For: Write Now Prompt for April 19, 2016


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