Off To See The Race


with morning light and grace
woke up and made some tea
wore some lace, cleaned my face
just remembered today’s the grand prix

boiling some eggs at the moment
cell phone rang and it was Anne
she sounded so buoyant
couldn’t keep still as she stands

come and join me watch the race
such boundlessly enthusiastic invite
I tried to sit on my chaise
she’s as high as a kite

next time you ask me for anything
I’ll be with you, she promised
she sings as she swings
so I went but I’m not that fussed

she’s so sure that Mark will be there
Mark races his car with passion and fire
not thinking of the wear and tear
turning and turning in a widening gyre

yearning to see him, that’s for sure
off we went to the races with silken ribbon
saying: “Go, go, go Mark!”
looking forward to seeing her amour
will surely makes her day brighten

(c) ladyleemanila 2016


For: Sunday Photo Fiction – May 1st 2016 and Wordle 249 May 1 by Brenda Warren

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