My Brother’s Thoughts on the Philippine Election

1* But surely the mayor and his supporters cannot take offense if we take his statements seriously, for these are certainly no laughing matter. For the sense that his statements convey a distinct lack of respect for the rule of law. And the rule of law is the foundation upon which confidence is built. Of course, peace and order are important, but these must be attained within the confines of the law. Without the rule of law, there will be chaos and anarchy, and no confidence in our country. Without confidence, there will be no investments, and without investments, there will be no jobs. These are not threats, only sheer facts. And it will not be just the business owners and bosses who will suffer, but also thousands of workers and their families who will be deprived of jobs. Remember that peace and order ultimately do not come from the end of the barrel of a gun but from food on the table, access to good education, housing and health.

It is in this context that I fervently appeal that we all review our choices one last time before we vote. Let us not vote out of despair or sheer disgust at an indecisive, slow-responding administration, or the infuriating traffic, or rampant crimes. Let us not go for a solution that may be far worse than the problems we are addressing. Think instead of what your vote will mean for your future and the future of millions of younger Filipinos, including your children or your younger siblings and coworkers. Consider the tremendous cost of the wrong choice……..

Allegiance with CPP-NPA is Anarchy at its worst! Not only this is worrying but gruesomely terrifying. This is not something one can take lightly, its the very ideology of communism passed as socialism and handed to us in a silver platter. A grim reality that the very person you’re looking up to to be the next head of our nation is the very person to take the very essence of everyone’s democracy and freedom away and condemn us all to the very lawless hands of terrorism ….

Gising na Bayan ko! Hindi na to biro.Hindi na to dahil sa pagiging sikat, malinis na syudad, siga, abusado sa kababaihan o mararahas na pananalita na kaya nating palampasin at depensahan.Buhay at kalayaan mo bilang Pilipino at higit sa lahat kaligtasan ng iyong minamahal sa buhay ang itinataya at handang ilagay sa peligro ng taong ito. Hindi lang ang sandatahang lakas ng Pilipinas ang kinukutya dito kundi ang bawat isa sa atin bilang Pilipino, maralita man o mayaman, bata, matanda, may pinagaralan o wala, bisaya, mindanaoan man o tubong luzon, kristyano o muslim ay yuyurakan ang pagkatao at isasailalim sa malagim na katotohanan ng Komunismo! …….

Kaibigan, mahalin natin ang bayan natin,eto ang ating tahanan at tahanan ng ating lahi. Ipaglaban mo ito ng buong lakas at paninindigan.yan ang panata mo bilang makabayan….

* I’ve put together some of the thoughts of my brother regarding the Philippine election, asking the Filipinos to wake up and vote wisely.

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