Writing Prompt: May 8 2016: The Tarot – Major Arcana – The Hanged Man

General associations for this card:

Sacrifice for me is giving up something for the sake of other considerations. I’d say I’ve sacrificed my career for the sake of my family. I’ve got a degree in Chemistry in the Philippines but I deliberately not continue in this line when we moved to Germany. Him Indoors has got a good job and I thought I’d give him all the support he needs to succeed in his career. And when HRH the son was born two years later, I decided to look after him full time for the first ten years of his life. Thus, I concentrated on being a good wife and a mother. I enjoyed my role, actually. I didn’t really think of it as a sacrifice, instead just gave them the top priority of my life. In fact, it was the best decision of my life. When HRH the son was ten, I started thinking of slowly going back to work. I did some training, carried on with my education and now treats my job as my hobby. I love my life! Have a lovely day everyone!

For: Writing Prompt: May 8 2016: The Tarot and Sacrifice

8 thoughts on “Writing Prompt: May 8 2016: The Tarot – Major Arcana – The Hanged Man

  1. thank you Ladylee for sharing your personal story 🙂

    It’s wonderful when one makes certain choices in life, even if they seem perhaps difficult at the time, only to see and live them through, well enough. And it sounds like you and your family have fared well 🙂 And your story makes me think that you are someone who can appreciate and understand how “sacrifice” isn’t necessarily about “giving something up” – at least not in its entirety – because the choice to dedicate yourself to your young family (at the time) didn’t take anything away from your education etc. – it perhaps simply shuffled that experience aside, while offering you new opportunities, and then? New adventures when the time to shift directions again. Lovely!

    thanks for participating in the writing prompt 🙂

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