No Stars in the Night

desktop-pics-of-the-stars-and-moon-downloadNo stars in the night
I thought you were my knight
No breeze to caress my cheeks
Just some awful critiques
No afternoon walks
Not doing any spacewalk
No flowers in the garden
I just want to run
Just some void space in my life
Quite a lot of strifes
No full moon to watch
Just your stopwatch
No nice bottle of wine
I miss our fine dine
Talking about things
Typical of earthlings
No kisses when I come home
Shalom, shalom!
No one stealing my fries
You make me cry
No more lovers’ tiff
I need my kerchief
We said things we shouldn’t have
For my guilt I need a salve
We knew it was bad
What else can I add?
But we have learned our lessons
We are each other’s beacon
Time for reconciliation
And enjoy the sun

(c) ladyleemanila 2016

For: #Maydays Prompt – Space Walk


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