Thank God, It’s Monday! – Week of May 16th 2016

Happy Monday everyone! It’s a holiday here in Bavaria – Pentecost Monday, so we just got up from a lie-in. Him Indoors is baking some bread for our breakfast. He just handed me a nice cup of tea – bless him!

The weather here is quite conducive to staying in, it has been cold and wet for the last three days. Well, yesterday there was a window of sunshine in the garden, so straight away we were there admiring the garden and listening to the birds singing.

HRH the son skyped us yesterday. They are fine, with his beautiful K. We’re all excited on their coming wedding. My mother’s already in the UK, we’re flying this Friday and my sister and husband from Canada are arriving on Saturday. Friends and other relatives are also arriving before the date. We’re having a very cosy lunch on Saturday for people who will be there already. He said there will be around 150 guests on the reception. It will be held in a charming manor house with its beautiful garden. Can’t wait!

That’s it from me, hope you all have a gorgeous week. Cheers!

For: Thank God, It’s Monday! – Week of May 16th 2016 by Pia Jingco

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