Saying Thanks

Hello everyone. It has been raining in Bavaria and here are some of our rhododendrons

as well as our aliums

and this hedgehog came to visit us

I have been grateful for some of the food we had for the last week

Our orchid started flowering again!


Tomorrow we’re flying to the UK to attend HRH the son’s wedding to his beautiful K on Tuesday


After the wedding we’re going around London. Really looking forward to it.

What made you smile this week?

For: Sharjah Contemporary Art Exhibition…Echoes Of My Neighbourhood # 19, Weekly Smile Week 20 – #weeklysmile, Ten Things of Thankful 152 (All the D’s) #10Thankful, Three Things Thursday: May 19, 2016,

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7 thoughts on “Saying Thanks

  1. my husband made me smile(he often does ) my babies… my bread didn’t burn in the oven .. the roast chicken for lunch was ok (kids liked it so am happy ) reading some nice blogs and finally working on my photos.. .. a lot to smile about 🙂 so far the week is going well 🙂

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