It Wasn’t That Easy!


“This can’t be that hard,” that’s what we thought, the son and I. The son was six and he just finished his Music Appreciation and the teacher was asking if he wanted to learn a new instrument. The teacher showed and played the piano, guitar, flute, cello and other instruments and the son chose piano. I thought I’d learn to play piano, too. So we asked Evgani, the Russian teacher if he could come to our house and give us some lessons.

Evgani came once a week and the son would have an hour’s lesson, then me. It wasn’t that easy! We were supposed to practice during the week, but because of other activities (karate, football, sleep over, play dates), we were not able to practice. Evgani would come and both of us would play in a haphazard way. We managed to play tunes in the end, but I was so embarrassed that every time he comes, I’d put the washing machine on so as to create some other noise. After a year, we both gave it up and moved on to do other things. Oh well.


14 thoughts on “It Wasn’t That Easy!

  1. We’ve had so many false starts like that as well — it’s totally the way of the world these days for most children to be so engaged in activities they cannot enjoy what they are doing NOR dedicate the time to practice and perfect. Great submission this week 🙂

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