Ten Things of Thankful – The Wedding

Hello everyone! Nice to be back. I’ve got lots of things to be thankful for. Our pride and joy, HRH the son has just married his beautiful K two weeks ago and we had a great time. Families and friends from different parts of the world came to celebrate with us.
Cheers to the newlyweds!

Before that we had a couple of pre-wedding parties

There was a quiet ceremony at the Registry Office

We were lucky with the weather and the venue was wonderful!

The band was brilliant!


Everyone had a smashing time!

There was even a photo booth…


They went to Rome for their “surprise” honeymoon

So here’s wishing the newlyweds all the best in life! Cheers and we love you!

For: Ten Things of Thankful 155 (Virtuously done) #10Thankful by Lizzi, SEASONS – JUNE’S FARMERS MARKET by jesh stg, Gratitude For My Wonder WagonThank God, It’s Monday! — Week of June 6th 2016 and Weekly Smile Week 22 – #weeklysmile. Also for: Jubilant

29 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful – The Wedding

  1. How beautiful! We went to a wedding this weekend – it’s such a lovely time to dance and have fun and celebrate with joy and love. And that cake with chocolate and cherries is speaking to me. Thanks for sharing the wonderful photos.

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  2. How exciting! Blue skies, loads of people coming to town, pretty flowers and attire, fun activities, seriously good-lookin’ food…Seems to be a most wonderful time. Congratulations to the bride and groom and their families!

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    1. thanks, Christine 🙂 it was really brilliant! We had a lovely buffet (the couple chose their favourite food and had given the chef the recipes (spring rolls, lamb shanks, curries, samosas, etc.)


  3. Aw, I love it when relatives from far away come to a wedding. That happened for my sister several years back. We met some of them for the first time. Such a lovely way to all come together. And ooh, Rome, not too bad.

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  4. Many thanks for sharing this big feast with SEASONS! Lovely wedding and beautiful photos, like the rings, the band, the dance and the guests! Especially when people come from several parts of the world!You have lots to be thankful for…, but also can understand the thankful for Monday:):) my favorite photo is the bride and broom’s dance – priceless!
    Now you can rest!

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