Left To Be Disposed

This week’s photo prompt is provided by phylor. Thank you phylor for our prompt photo!

Left to be disposed, of broken arms
Forsaken me since I lost my charms
People used to admire me over
Placed in the garden for some ambler
Time and weather caused these tears and harms

Left to be covered by insects’ swarms
At least take me to some sort of farms
Have you no mercy for a beggar?
Left to be disposed

Like a well-executed disarm
My bead bracelet that’s part of my charms
At the centre, my days were brighter
Now everything seems to be darker
Just because they broke me and unarmed
Left to be disposed

(c) ladyleemanila 2016

For: FFfAW Challenge – Week of 06-07-2016 by Priceless Joy

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