Tale Weaver #71 June 9 – Behind Closed Doors


We have good and bad neighbours and we’ve learned to live in close proximity with each other. We’ve moved here 20 years ago, when they first started building our estate. It used to be farm lands. We were the first 50 houses and we’ve seen our children grew up here. Soon the streets were built, more houses and flats, as well as nursery, school, shops and other buildings were constructed.

We used to attend summer parties, where we bring food to grill, salads, drinks and children play on the streets. On New Year’s Eve we all watched the fireworks in the park with sekt or sparkling wines to greet the New Year. When we go on holidays, we tell our neighbours and they look after our house, as well as water our plants and take our letters out of our post-box. We do the same with them.

Our next door neighbour with three kids told us they’ve just sold their house and move to the next village. I guess the children are all grown up and they would like to down size. They said some Italian family will be moving in next month. They were good neighbours, saying hello, not parking their cars in front of our house and sometimes we all cycle to the park. We’ll surely miss them.

For: Tale Weaver #71 June 9 – Behind Closed Doors

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