Melting pot or salad bowl?

I like salad, too! Thanks, Ritu for the lovely post ❤

But I Smile Anyway...

A repost of an older post of mine…. Seeing as I brought up the EU Referendum earlier!


I’m not a great one at remembering who said what, quote wise, though, if in an argument with Hubby Dearest, I can remember the second something was said, and by whom!

Ok, only just started and already going off tangent!

So, where was I? Oh yes, I was thinking about something someone once said, about immigration, and whether we want a melting pot or a metaphorical salad bowl…

I liked that whole thought. We’re all different, and if integrated properly, all the different cultures around us, living together, make a veritable smorgasbord of flavours for us to enjoy.

I know the original quote was regarding America, but it goes for everywhere, doesn’t it? Every country where there is a large number of different cultures living together, every school where there are many different…

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