Poetry challenge #36: Drowning leaves


the light is gone and so are you
autumn leaves drowning down the stream
dragonflies hover on water

no air to breathe and days are blue
no pleasant dreams, only nightmares
why can’t we remain as we were?

I know time will help, I’ll get through
but for now let me just scream
and of course, it will get better

time to whisper a fond adieu
in the end it was all a dream
just accept, no need to alter

no regrets, our story that was
no anger, no whys and because

(c) ladyleemanila 2016

For: Poetry challenge #36: Drowning leaves by Jane Dougherty. Also for: Friday Music Prompt 48: Fields of June

6 thoughts on “Poetry challenge #36: Drowning leaves

  1. “Wonderful response and combination of prompts. “‘but for now let me just scream’ is a brilliant line as it evokes frustration, pain, grief and anger — feelings running through the poem.”
    “Thanks so much for participating. I hope you enjoyed the music and the prompt,” she smiled.

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