The results of the referendum are in – the UK is leaving the EU

Nicola Young said what I was thinking. Thanks x

Nikki Young Writes

UK votes to leave the EU - Nikki Young Writes

What will the 24th June 2016 mean for the future of the UK?

Will we look back on this day and wonder what all the fuss was about, or will we remember the results of the EU Referendum as the day everything changed?

A nation divided

It seems we are a nation divided, but how come the majority of people I’ve spoken to or communicated with on social media were shocked and saddened by the result of the EU referendum? Some scared and others very concerned about our future, it seems no one wanted to leave, yet here we are, on the brink of changing the history of our country forever.

People voted to leave the EU and their votes won through. Were these people voting on the basis of wanting to take control of our country and its economy? I’m not so sure. As the campaigns on both sides…

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