Send in The Clowns


THIS WEEK’S WORDS come from “To the Student Who Asked Why He Earned a ‘C’ on an Essay about Love” by Clint Margrave: grammar, sentences, fragments, tenses, redundant, repetition, style, voice, draft, conclusion, lingering, topic

Life is like a grammar class

Full of sentences and fragments

In every class, there’s a jackass

Therefore, we need our patience

Send in the clowns


Got to know our voice and style

Full of repetitions and practices

Don’t have tears like a crocodile

And we’ve got to take our chances

Send in the clowns


Committing a lot of mistakes

Mostly redundant, still a lesson

Got to know what’s on stake

Like a lottery, wish we’ve won

Send in the clowns


It’s never complete, always a draft

Lingering topics, all about endurance

Got to be tough, don’t be daft

Demonstrate a great valiance

Send in the clowns


For: Friday Music Prompt #50: Send in the Clowns and Whirligig 66 by Magical Mystical Teacher

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