I like the art challenge. Cheers, ivywalker! ❤

Recording Life Under the radar

IMG_20160714_165204THE 30 DAYARTCHALLENGE!

I have a much neglected art journal. It’s an awesome thing with a red hardcover and roomy pages…blank pages…I decided it deserves more attention.

I’ve put together a 30 Day Art Challenge for myself. I’m posting it here in case anyone would like to join me. It would be great if anyone wanted to join.

Art is a relative term, so my intent is to include pieces that may be graphic, written, or maybe even audio. There are no rules, because hard-fast  rules for me (in such circumstances) can promote failure. So it’s all about flexibility… so if you only want to do one and make it an essay, then so be it! Go hog wild and do day five on day 25 for all I care… just have some fun. I love art and the way I see it, even on my own…

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