Microfiction challenge #5: The Door


I always pass by this door when I walk
On my way to work or when I amble
Always looks inviting so I can knock
Its white so pure and looks so blissful
What could be behind this door on the block?
Where its owners are, I began to mull
Lots of trees giving shade, can’t see the house
Hang on a minute, did I just see a grouse?

(c) ladyleemanila 2016

* Ottava Rima

The sun was shining, clear blue skies. As I amble through the forest, I pass by this white door. Quite intrigue, I wanted to knock and see what’s behind the door. Its white colour looks so pure and inviting. Lots of trees behind that give a lot of shade, looks so blissful. Does it belong to a family or some old couple, where’s the house in this big place, surrounded by trees and other questions come to my mind as I mull? Hang on a minute, I could hear something. Some noise coming on that part. Was that a grouse or a pheasant?

For: Microfiction challenge #5: The Door

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