Journey – dVerse

5-4-3-2-1 !!!! Happy 5th anniversary D’verse!


A red phantom bus
Driving on a crooked road
Definitely red even in blackness
A double decker one with code
Where will it go? I have to find out
I put my thumb up, it stops
I’m on a real journey
A mysterious one

(c) ladyleemanila 2016

For: Part 1, Catching Up with Brian Miller


44 thoughts on “Journey – dVerse

  1. What i love now about
    a bus is it IS A wonderland
    in tour of new hUman
    heARts when they
    come separate
    to be
    as travel lust..
    but i am a people
    person.. and miss
    that bus of life
    when it
    is not
    of new
    heARts to explore..
    and sure of course..
    this is a bus too..
    and i am
    the words
    of your bus too..;)

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  2. I love your write of a mysterious journey ahead…we never really know what’s ahead do we? I can’t see a double decker bus without being reminded of when we lived in Boston and our tiny two year old always exclaimed, “Look Mama, a double decka!” 🙂 They are cool buses!

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  3. Sounds exciting, i hope. I’ve taken some impromptu journeys. Some better, some worse. We think about it from time to time, but it’s awfully hot here in the summer. Maybe in the fall. Thanks LadyLeeManila

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  4. A mystery bus! Love it! How I wish I could be transported back to the days when hitchhiking across the country was a safe and sane thing to do — hitting the open road with a knapsack and a dream. Not to be in these times — but loving the idea of getting on that mystery bus here! 🙂

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  5. After all everyone else has said… and I hope I didn’t miss someone else already saying this… I think you’d have to be awfully brave to get on a bus that’s driving on the wrong side of the road! Fun poem!

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