Photo Blogging Challenge (July 2016): Photographer’s Choice

a modern art from Grand Central, Birmingham, UK

ThrustSSC was the first land vehicle to exceed the speed of sound (Mach 1) in October 1997.

at Packwood Garden, known for the garden of yews

alium, lavender and bees

skywatch Berlin

For: Photo Blogging Challenge (July 2016): Photographer’s Choice

21 thoughts on “Photo Blogging Challenge (July 2016): Photographer’s Choice

  1. These pictures are STUNNING! All of them are truly breath taking. From the very first one as you scroll down – you are an excellent photographer.

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  2. Good shots for this month. That speed car… I’ve always wondered if I could deal with the fear of being in a car going Mach 1. I’m not sure I could but I have a feeling it would be quite a rush!

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