Apology – Daily Prompt


“A body suddenly crashed through a plate glass window at the Brigadier’s house.”

The Brigadier, his wife and their guests came to inspect what caused the crashed.

One of the SWAT teams was removing some broken glass from his uniform. Men in their black uniforms and weapons entered through the window. They shouted: “Don’t move. Put your hands up. We meant no harm. We just want Brigadier Delos Santos.”

“I’m Brigadier Santos, what do you want?” the tall man said.

“We’re arresting you for embezzling some companies,” said the Captain.

“You utter fools, you got the wrong Brigadier. I’m Brigadier Santos, Brigadier Delos Santos lives on the next hill!”

“So sorry, Sir, we’ll blame the Intelligence for this. We’ll pay for the damage.” They left very apologetic.

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