I miss you


The hour is ticking
The moon in a mist
Got to keep asking
Where’s the moonlight tryst?

Trim the stem
You’re not here
Am I condemned?
Feeling’s so queer

I miss you dearly
My head is spinning
I beg of thee
Please don’t fling

Can’t get over it
As I look at your prints
I’m turning half-wit
Give me a hint

I cringe from memories
I can’t lift my spirit
How can I be appeased?
When I run in circuit

Living without you
I’ve had my chips
My life is through
Can’t come to grips

(c) ladyleemanila 2016


For: Writing Prompt #173 “Collage 28” and Wordle 262 Aug 21 by Brenda Warren


12 thoughts on “I miss you

  1. It takes time to come to grips with a parting. ‘Cringing at memories’ was a telling line implying a fault in the narrator. Admitting this will help him/her to get over it…they will see. A good rhythm was there when reading this piece.

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