The Ultimate Blogging Challenge: Day 4


The topic for today is “recommendations”. Now for this, you can recommend anything from beauty products that you love, books you’ve enjoyed, music artists/songs that you’ve recently discovered, a place you’ve visited… You could even recommend another blog that you enjoy reading.


The girl on the train looked out
I’m mad about the boy, she sighed
The little prince, need to know more on him
I need help so she asked the rogue lawyer

On writing well, Don Vicente from the firm
He followed the boy till dusk
Found out the missing piece
He’s the third twin of the West End Girls
One the ice-cream queen of Orchard Street
The other one was the funny girl

The boy, who no other than the alchemist
Quite a profession she was impressed
And so the love story began
Never let me go, she urged him
As you like it, he answered

Of all the places in the world, my favourite is my home. Where is home? Home is where Him Indoors, I and HRH the son live. It’s full of love, affection and fun. Ideally it is here in Bavaria, but it could also be anywhere. OK, HRH the son has left us but he still comes back from time to time, and he comes back with his beautiful K.

home is happy
home is cosy
home is warm
home doesn’t regret
home doesn’t mind sharing
home grows with love

it doesn’t matter
where or what is home
home is with Him Indoors
and HRH the son
our three tortoises
our flowers in the grden
things we share
experience and memories
I love our home!

Him Indoors and I
HRH the son and K
happy together

in the garden
Gin, Rex, Nik – our tortoises
eating lettuces

flowers, herbs and trees
butterflies, hedgehogs and birds
garden full of fun

he loves gardening
I love writing and cooking
we love cycling, too

My favourite meal is adobo and rice. It’s basically any meat (chicken or pork) marinated with vinegar, soy sauce and garlic. The secret is to cook it slowly. And with steaming rice, it’s perfect! I also like pancit (noodles for long life!) which we usually have to celebrate our birthdays or any occasion. Anything grilled is also fine, as well as any fish or seafood. For dessert, I like leche flan, which is like creme caramel, and also bibingka (rice cake). I also like making our own pizza with all our favourite ingredients on top. Anyway, I’m looking forward to my coming trip to the Philippines so I can eat all my favourite food! cheers!

For: The Ultimate Blogging Challenge: Day 4

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