Dear Joe, From Josephine

The challenge for this week’s Poetics is to take a character, fictional or non-fictional, and re-write their story from the point of view of their husband or wife. To avoid any accusations of libel, no living people please!

Dear Joe, I’ve always loved you
With all my heart since we’ve met
When I came with my father for his eyes
It may be too late to cure him
But we found each other
A whirlwind romance indeed
Even though your family didn’t like me
We carried on loving each other
Even though it was such a short time
And that our boy “Francisco” died
Three hours after he was born
I knew you blamed yourself for that
Please don’t, life was unfair sometimes
Thanks for marrying me
Even though my heart was breaking
It was few hours before your execution
I died with you, too
Forever yours, Josephine

(c) ladyleemanila 2016

  • love story between our national hero, Jose Rizal and Josephine Bracken

For: Poetical Spouses by Grace in Poetics

12 thoughts on “Dear Joe, From Josephine

  1. Your poem has led me on an interesting journey into the story of Jose Rizal, Lady Lee! It took me a while to work out who it was about and then I had to find out more. I didn’t know that he was an ophthalmologist.Such a tragic story. Thank you for introducing me to your national hero.

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