Old Bones Collection

a collection of good tales 🙂

Carrot Ranch Literary Community

Old BonesFossils vary in size, composition and name. Old bones, for simplification. Yet there’s nothing simple about fossils — they’ve captured our imaginations ever since we could wonder, “what the heck is that.”

Fiction thrives in the realm of “what if,” and that’s where writers dug this week. Found fossils now fill the page with stories as diverse as old bones themselves.

The following is based on the August 17, 2016 prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story that features a fossil or uses the word in its variant forms (fossilize, dino bones, petrification, gastroliths, ichnofossils, etc.).


Chance Meeting by Gordon Le Pard

“What have you there, child?” The tall lady smiled at the little girl.

“It’s a curtsy miss.” She replied. It was black and shiny, shaped like a coiled snail.

“She means a curiosity,” said her companion, “They are found in the cliffs, no…

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