27 thoughts on “Doors from India

  1. Funny that after seeing these nice pictures, I immediately came across another post on India. But that was a bit negative, as if she has fears that women should not visit India. Hope you had positive experiences there.

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  2. So full of life! Love the iron gate, and the whole front of the building in your first capture!
    Have not been in India yet, and enviably, our son has seen some of the famous sites like the Taj Mahal, in the mountain region (the name escapes me now, camel riding, etc. (because he has an Indian friend).

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    1. thanks, Jesh 🙂 glad your son has seen some of the famous sites. This was our second time in India, he first time was in Delhi, Jaipur, Agra and Ranthambore. Yes, we saw Taj Mahal and other sites as we were in a tour group. We even saw 2 tigers in Ranthambore! Last month’s tour was different, as we were with the Indian in-laws and they showed us around the south of India. Cochin, the capital of Kerala is a nice city, sort of their financial district. We really had a great time! ❤


      1. You are a well traveled lady! I laughed seeing a photo of my son sitting on a camel in India (instead of the expected elephant!). One of these days I would like an authentic Indian sari -they are so beautiful!

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      2. yes, riding a camel is cooler than an elephant. My son rode an elephant. I was about to buy an authentic sari for the son’s wedding but I chickened out (don’t know how to wear it!). I bought an Indian outfit (forgot its name), beautiful one, too and something that’s easy to wear. Cheers, Jesh 🙂


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