A Month of Mini Writing Challenges

Day 2 – Write a story in 50 words set in the past that plays on words


The Brigadier and guests came to inspect what caused the crashed.
One of the SWAT teams was removing some broken glass from his uniform. They shouted: “Don’t move. We just want Brigadier Delos Santos.”
“I’m Brigadier Santos.”
“We’re arresting you for embezzling some companies,” said the Captain.
“You fools, I’m Brigadier Santos, Brigadier Delos Santos lives on the next hill!”
“Sorry, Sir, Intelligence got it wrong.” They left, apologetic.

Day 3 – Write a poem in less than 10 lines about “autumn”


the light is gone and so are you
autumn leaves drowning down the stream
dragonflies hover on water
no air to breathe and days are blue
no pleasant dreams, only nightmares
why can’t we remain as we were?

Day 5 – Write a 50 word story inspired by a fairy tale


Is the fairy godmother giving you a dress?
The bad stepmother might like to confess
Perhaps the evil witch brew her cauldron?
All I want are sausages, cheese and bacon
There’s a sleeping princess up there
Prince Charming coming from nowhere
The pretty princess might wake up
True love’s kiss wakes her up

Day 6 – Write a poem inspired by the sea


oh to be in sea
it washes all your troubles
paradise on earth

paradise on earth
rhythmic waves and sea breeze
and the trees swaying

and the trees swaying
birds migrating to warm place
alone with nature


For: A Month of Mini Writing Challenges by Sammi Cox

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