Eclipse – Daily Prompt


Paul can’t keep still. Today’s going to be a great day. He’s taking a day off from work. He’s been working hard lately and he wants to have a break from all the politics, gossips, deadlines, quota and pressure from work. John is covering for him today – John doesn’t mind at all. Paul moved this day off from next month, anticipating the eclipse this evening. He has invited some friends so they could all watch the eclipse. He has prepared some finger food and drinks.

This party is also a sign that Paul has moved on from his split with Anna, his ex-girlfriend. They had been going out for a couple of years when she decided Paul wasn’t for her. She found another boyfriend straight away.

He constantly checks his maps and the weather forecast. He knows that at a certain time, the eclipse will be visible for everyone from his terrace. His friends started arriving and they are all more or less excited. Some brought some salad, drinks and sweets.

In the middle of the party, the weather turned for the worse. The wind howled, clouds covered the sky. Oh no, if this goes on, they won’t be able to see the eclipse. Paul is getting agitated and went to the rear of the garden. Oh well, they were not able to see the eclipse, but they carried on with the party and they all had a great time.

For: Eclipse

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