Finding my peace


Finding my peace
Got to remain as one piece
It’s inside me
The key is being free
No pressure
It’s normal to err

With pure heart
That’s a good start
Count my blessing
Every day I could sing
Accept what life brings
Do my best, on what springs

The oasis of serenity
When everything’s at peace
When I can breathe again
The joy of being here
The freedom I feel
Of love and happiness

On a strict note, I’m flawed
Nothing is written on stone
Part of me wants to believe
The rest could be history

For: Photo Challenge #131

5 thoughts on “Finding my peace

  1. This is great Lady Lee. She wants peace and serenity, to breathe again but she’s flawed and that stands in the way. She doesn’t know what her future will be, her last she hopes is history.

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