Write Now Prompt for September 20, 2016 – Rain


The rain was needed
but the timing of the storm
couldn’t have been worse

He was not going to allow the cold
Wind-driven rain to change his plan
The sound of the rain around him enfold
Even the thunder cannot make him run

He approach all with a single aim
And that is to win, no matter what
He has to lay claim on the dame
It takes a lot of courage and gut

In each level, he has to play fair
A key player of life, with a glint of hope
He’s always been fair and square
No matter what, he’s always able to cope

Taking everything with a grain of salt
But then she came and everything changed
The whole world seems to halt
Doesn’t want her to be estranged

Attaching to her like glue, losing his mind
But she wants to go where no one has been
He held her hands, their fingers entwined
She was nowhere to be seen, to his chagrin

And suddenly at this present phase, he’s lost
He has to start from scratch and that’s tough
He was physically and mentally exhausted
He should carry on, what he did wasn’t enough

For: Write Now Prompt for September 20, 2016


6 thoughts on “Write Now Prompt for September 20, 2016 – Rain

  1. I love this Lady Lee, this guy struggling through life. Key players with him at different points. Sounds like she was with him until she was gone, and now in this phase he has to rebuild because he’s lost, what he did wasn’t good enough. This sounds like life for many people. If they’re right for you — meant to be in each other’s life, you’ll be enough.

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