Saying sorry


The noise was Pauline opening the door, blue dawn light outlining the frayed edges of her hair. She picked some flowers in the garden. Lilies, daffodils, roses and dahlias. The scents made her happy. Alec is still asleep on the bed, breathing softly. Last night’s bickering was still on her mind. She shouldn’t have said those words. It was a signal that they should try hard not to be separated. That they should hear and understand what the other was saying. She came in and took her shoes off. She put the flowers in a vase and placed them on the tray. Then she started brewing some coffee and making some breakfast. A nice breakfast in bed for Alec to say sorry. She couldn’t wait for him to wake up.

For: Sunday Photo Fiction – September 25th – October 2nd 2016


17 thoughts on “Saying sorry

  1. Nice story — it’s nice to be reminded that people can say they’re sorry and try to make things better, instead of so many stories where they just give up and leave. Three cheers for working on love!

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