Microfiction challenge #16: Lovers

‘Lovers’ by Felix Nussbaum

As they climb up the tower
They wish to have the answer
On a calm night, the moon so bright
He and she holding each other tight
Echoes of birds twittering
Cricket chirping, wind blowing
They want this moment to last
They are not talking about the past
As well as of the future, only the now
They are both sneaking somehow
He and she mirror each other
They cuddle with certain ardour
Her scent ensnares him
Fills his desire to the brim
The softness of her body
Makes him full of glee
The manliness in him
Like singing in a hymn
Crowning with passion
Two bodies become one
Bent on partaking each other
Wish they could stay there as they were

(c) ladyleemanila 2016

For: Microfiction challenge #16: Lovers by Jane Dougherty

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