Nostalgia – Photo Challenge

Nostalgia is the sunset, the forest and the sea
it’s when the son graduates, having an ice-cream
it’s being with siblings and the capiz chandelier
it’s the university where I spent my youth
it’s the coliseum, temple, old trees, seeing tigers
it’s the son’s first guitar concert
our first opera, Paris for our anniversary
the picture of my Dad and brother
our first mountain retreat, island holiday
the engagement ring that the son gave to beautiful K
my mother when she was 18, our drinks at the park
mother singing with her best friend, the ube ice-cream
our first grape harvest, son crawling on his first birthday
the bee on the flower, feeding the son at Viktualienmarkt
the double rainbows, El Nido resort, with Him Indoors’ shadow
when Dad pinned my medal, played some music, danced the hula
Nostalgia was the golden anniversay of grandparents
photo with my mother, youngest brother not born yet
it’s a fireplace in Garmisch and eating halo-halo

For: Nostalgia

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