Test – Daily Prompt


He walked – no, not walked, swaggered – over to me. Patrick thinks he’s the hottest guy at the university. I greeted him coolly. He gave me a bear hug. “You know what, I’ve just heard that Peter and Benjamin are being expelled from the Uni.”

“Oh my God, what happened?” I was really surprised.

“Some students filed some complaints, don’t really know the details. The police were called, some investigation took place and they were escorted out of the compound,” he explained.

“Oh, and to think that Peter’s my favourite tutor,” and off I went to my next class.

Meanwhile, at Mike’s office, Josie entered. “Come in, Josie. I just want to talk to you about your last essay.”

“Sorry, I’ve just made it,” Josie started explaining.

“It’s just some parts of it were taken directly from some websites. Were you not able to paraphrase them?” Mike asked. “I’ll give it back to you with a warning. It will be a fail next time.”

“Thanks, I promise it won’t happen again,” and Josie left Mike’s office.

Then, there are Gregory, Juan, Sarah and Florence who seem to be always in a pub every afternoon. God knows how they manage their work. Having said that, they are passing somehow. Sarah’s even the top in her class.

Marco’s the “Brad Pitt” of the campus and girls follow him around. They didn’t know that he’s also very shy and has some secrets at home. I wonder what?

The nerds or the ones who study hard and spend their times in the library. I’m sure they also want to have some dates or have some fun, they just don’t know how.

Or the beautiful Marjorie, who’s fighting her anorexia and thinks herself as fat and ugly. I wish to be her friend, if she lets me.

And me – a sophomore, who’s getting used to the politics of the campus and experiencing life away from home.


Statue of Air Force pilot at Battle of Britain memorial in Capel le Ferne in the UK

In fighter pilot’s thinking, they were always pushing the outside of the envelope, i.e. testing out how far they could manage with their manoeuvres and tactics. It wasn’t easy for the wives or mothers, worrying in their kitchens whether their husbands or sons would come back alive. That was a game they all played, who would walk home and fly the flag. And if their time was up, someone on the roadside, a friend or somebody dignified and official would ring the bell and convey the inevitable to the wife, partner or mother. In the funeral, they would all say how brave he was and honour him with stars. It was very touching. Such was the life of Air Force pilots, so with this stone statue, we pay homage to all of them.


HRH the son has always been proud of where he came from, i.e. his Dad being British and me being a Filipina. On his 23rd birthday, our present to him was to have a DNA test which could tell him exactly his roots. OK, the Britishness and Filipino-ess are obvious. He also found some percentages of being Spanish, Polynesian, Malay, Chinese (from my side), as well as Lithuanian, Scandinavian, Irish, Viking, south European (from Him Indoors’ side). He was really amazed knowing his roots!

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