Is blogging worth it? 10 reasons why…

yes, it’s worth it! thanks, Sue 🙂

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

One from the vaults:

10 Blakey Topping (48)

‘Build an author platform’, we are told. As an author platform, is a blog economically viable?

If everyone put a penny in a virtual pot, one for each article they had read in August on Daily Echo, and if I added in any royalties from book sales attributable to the blog, there would be a grand total of £126 in there this month. Divide that by the hours spent writing, researching, finding and editing photos, posting and reading other blogger’s work… and the associated time on other social media, not to mention the writing of the books themselves … and the legendary riches of the author with the cushy job comes to a grand total of rather less than a halfpenny an hour in ‘wages’. From that deduct the electricity, internet subscription, the not insubstantial cost of maintaining the blog itself… not to mention the necessary…

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