Weekly Writing Challenge – Who are you?

who am I and do I like who I am? I am me
don’t change me as I like who I have become
I’m full of glee and I’m always free

I’m easy to pleased and you can be my chum
I don’t want to change anything as I’m grateful
With Him Indoors, the son, his bride and my mum

I love challenges and I do what I’m able
Very positive in outlook, got lots of plans
Counting my blessing, my life’s blissful

Yes, I’m happy to be me in this world
As I swirled, twirled and whirled*

(c) ladyleemanila 2016

* A Terza Rima is a poem with an eleven syllable count in each line and a rhyming scheme of aba, bcb, cdc, dd.

For: Weekly Writing Challenge – Who are you?


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