Realise – Daily Prompt


Christos wasn’t a hooligan, but he was raised in a ghetto neighbourhood and was street wise. He had no problem walking through a rough neighbourhood at night. There were people hanging around, doing drugs, prostitution and a charnel stench that filled the air near their street. He was on the cusp of becoming a delinquent teenager when a camp counsellor extended his support by giving him a job. He is streetwise enough not to bite the hand that feeds. He is never given to hysteria, or explosive passion, as much as he is to explore implosive energy that builds, as if by stealth, into something more meaningful and inevitable. He wore his cheap shirt with some geometric prints with his jeans at work. He felt a bit creepy, going to work. He realised though, that if he behave well and carried on working, soon he won’t be in the lower bracket of society.

For: Realize

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