Think! – Writing Prompt #181 “Collage 31”


Think left and right, think low and high
A needle in a haystack, clouds in the sky
The view from the bridge, that’s amazing
Put chillies in cooking that gives it zing
Play hide and seek by the big pear
And all the while she’s sitting on a chair
So cosy enjoying the breeze in the garden
Trimming the soil and the job’s done
Three dried roses on the wall
Still some mist this morning’s fall
Colourful bowls from my last trip
Filled up the cardboard, that’s a blip
Giggling I walked down the stairs
The end of rose petal trail, you my bear!

(c) ladyleemanila 2016


For: Writing Prompt #181 “Collage 31”, Wordle 269 Oct 9 by Brenda Warren


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