JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Party

our apple tree at the back

She knew the forecast was for rain, but she insisted the party would be outdoors anyway.

Clarissa’s heart was into it. She had it all planned, the tea, coffee, cakes and snacks in the afternoon and later on, some grilled food, music and dance in the park. She was hoping nature would be nice to her and rain won’t come. She even offered some flowers to her ancient icon in her garden.

Guests arrived at the park, full of enthusiasm and stories about their days. They thanked Clarissa, for being behind the party. They brought some food, wine and other drinks. Everyone was having a great time. But then the first clue came, with some thunder and lightning. All eyes were on the sky, hoping it won’t rain. And as if heaven broke and a voice came out from it, rain started hammering in. They started looking for some cover or shed. They all ran toward the restaurant, leaving all the food and drinks in the park. Oh dear, not a nice ending to the party.

For: JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Party

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