Squash or pumpkin?

Well, to keep it simple, pumpkin is one type of squash and squash generally refers to four species of genus cucurbita, including the species to which pumpkin belongs. So, to make it clearer, both squash and pumpkin belong to the same family (the cucurbitaceae). A pumpkin is a type of squash.

For: Friday Food: Veggies. Also for: #MySundayPhoto – Morning Sun, ALL SEASONS – BRIGHT OCTOBER 24, Planting Carrots in Our Backyard (Sundays In My City)

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22 thoughts on “Squash or pumpkin?

  1. Can see that now they have an abundance of pumpkins in Germany (many thanks by the way for getting back to me about where you live!). When we left W-Eur. in the 80-ties for the USA, they were nowhere to be found in Holland!
    Pumpkin has a specific taste, especially with the spices of cinnamon or nutmeg, that I love pumpkin the most in pumpkin desserts. (like pie or bread). Never tire of this subject for ALL SEASONS – so thank you much!
    Have a great week:)

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