Sandbox Writing Challenge #61 — Happiness is NOT a dropping shoe!

What are the things that make you happy?

1. Him Indoors for being together for 30 years
2. HRH the son and his beautiful bride
3. My mother and her good health
4. My sister and 2 brothers and their families
5. My good health and Him Indoors’ health, too
6. My freelance job which is like a hobby
7. HRH the son finishing his Masters this year
8. HRH the son and beautiful bride in their new flat
9. Paid off our mortgage last year
10. Was able to travel to different places
11. Taj Mahal and seeing tigers in the wild
12. My blogging
13. Friends (real and online)
14. Relatives
15. My students
16. Mini for being with me for more than 10 years
17. 3 tortoises – Gin, Rex and Nikki
18. Our garden and all its trees, flowers, bees and butterflies
19. going to the gym, zumba, Latin, body balance
20. cycling with Him Indoors
21. listening to classical music
22. eating good food, going out
23. Skype, Facebook, Viber, Whatsapp
24. movies and good tv shows
25. all the good books that I’ve read


I think I’m afraid to be really crazy happy
because whenever I do I feel guilty for the others who aren’t so happy.


Are you one of the fortunate folks who never struggle with that fear of waiting for the other shoe drop?
If you are, tell us why!

I think I am one of them. Being happy is somehow in my default setting, I am happy whatever circumstance give me, whether it’s positive or negative. If my plans don’t go to work, I’ll try again and think again. Perhaps I’m missing something. Of course, I get lonely, frustrated and angry sometimes, but generally, I’m a happy person.

Thanks for the questions, Calensariel 🙂

For: Sandbox Writing Challenge #61 — Happiness is NOT a dropping shoe!

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