Weekly Smile Week 43 #weeklysmile

Hello everyone! Hope you’re all fine. Lovely smiles from me this week. I’m packing my bag to go to Barcelona – viva Espania!!!! I’ll be meeting my cousin from Cologne and the other one from Dubai and we’ll stay for 5 nights, how cool would that be? Three girls with lots of things to talk about, places to see, tapas to eat and Cava to drink. It’s going to be great, can’t wait!

Also Him Indoors has just bought tickets for Beethoven Symphony 5 and Chopin’s concert and the other one for Amadeus (film with live music) at the Philharmonie Munich. They are our early Christmas presents for each other, not to mention the first lot for New Year’s Day for Beethoven Symphony 9. Cultural overload for me! I love them all!

Got to go now. I’ve got to carry on packing. Cheers everyone and smile!

For: Weekly Smile Week 43 #weeklysmile. Also for: Nurturing Thurs – Believe in Yourself


16 thoughts on “Weekly Smile Week 43 #weeklysmile

  1. Two smiles with Spain in them this week. Live music is always great and Beethoven’s 9th is a real treat, with the choir and all. The Chopin concerto is nice, but by far not his best piece – he did much, much better with his “small” works. Still, I saw it performed once by Evgeny Kissin and it was amazing.

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