JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Creature

I love swimming. First thing in the morning, I’ll be in our sea near our house. There’s no better way to start fresh after an hour’s swimming with the fishes and other creatures in the sea.

One of them is my friend, Sirena. She’s half-female, half-fish. She’s blue-skinned with scaly body coverings and fins on several parts of her body. She has a lovely voice. Even though I can’t sing, sometimes I join her singing. Her melodies are so mythical and strange like nothing I’ve heard on land before.

“Oh hi, Sirena, I haven’t seen you in ages, what’s up?” I greeted her.

“Hi, Ladylee, I’ve been very busy lately. We’re preparing for my coronation in two weeks’ time. You know my mother just passed away, caught and killed by a big net to get all the dolphins here. She was one of them and now we have no queen.” Sirena swam to me with her friend Nemo.

“Sorry to hear about your Mother. But hey, a coronation, that’s great. Can I come? I’d love to see you get crowned!”

“Sure, you’ll be my special guest. My sister Sienna will look after you. All the creatures of the sea will be here. We’ll have some bands playing. Nemo here is the conductor of the band. It’s going to be a great party! We’ll probably give you some gill potion so you can stay longer down under.” She suggested.

“Oh my, oh my, this is great. I look forward to it. I’ve got to go now. I still have to work. Enjoy your swim, Sirena.”

And so, we swam back in different directions.


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