Flight of Raptors

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raptorsStories take to the skies on the wings of raptors. It adds a greater awareness, calling us to look up, to follow the currents of winds or identify new sounds. Raptors can lure us into birding or mythology. It depends upon the story.

Writers explored their options with this topic to follow what unfolds from from contemplating raptors.

The following is based on the October 19, 2016 prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story that includes a raptor.


Harbingers by Bill Engelson

Dobbs had waited in broiling heat before. Too many times. Senses primed; sizzling; tension bubbling up; each moment stretched in dusty silence, taut, like the hangman’s rope.

Sounds magnified, fear, loud, heart-thumping, startling.

His mind was wandering.


Heat waves shimmered, fluttered on the flat horizon; images appeared, specks of movement, real, imagined, an omen or ominous messages of imminent death.

He snapped…

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