Montserrat, Spain – the trip of a lifetime

On our recent trip to Barcelona, we went to Montserrat, which is a spectacularly beautiful Benedictine monk mountain retreat about one hour North West from Barcelona by train.

Not only is Montserrat Monastery of significant religious importance but the natural beauty surrounding the monastery is simply breathtaking. When we arrived there, it was still very foggy and couldn’t see anything, but as the day went, the fog cleared and an astounding beauty greeted us. We walked around, enjoying the experience.


For: #MySundayPhoto – Fire Sky, Discovery Day (Sundays In My City), ALL SEASONS- TREEEEZ IN FALL Nov 6, coastline beauty… . Also for: Jo’s Monday walk : The Masmorra Trail

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32 thoughts on “Montserrat, Spain – the trip of a lifetime

  1. Ah such beautiful views! It gives such a feeling of space and height – that’s what I love about the mountains:) The retreat looks like it’s fairly high -do you have an idea at which altitude you were? Thanks you so much for sharing Montserrat with SEASONS! Wishing you a beautiful week!

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    1. “At 1,236 metres (4,055 ft) above the valley floor, Montserrat is the highest point of the Catalan lowlands, and stands central to the most populated part of Catalonia. Montserrat’s highest point, Sant Jeroni, can be reached by a footpath from the top station of the Funicular de Sant Joan.” (Wikipedia) Thanks, Jesh and have a great week 🙂


      1. Thanks so much for the explanation! Thought it would be higher – you did a splendid job with your views into the valley): My son had an apartment mate from Catalan region, and they are very proud of their region!

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