Writing Prompt November 13 – Abecedarian


Apple baked caramel dusted every flavour
Great harvest in juicy kaleidoscope
Lovingly marinated Nutella overall
Pampered queenly rain-stained
Turning under viola waltz
Xylophone your zoo

arabesque pose, Aisha is really good with that!
branch manager is her Dad’s job
complex world we live in
deadfall and the twitch-up snare to be sure
error always happens, I make a lot of that!
flash all over the news
gristle and meat stuck in his teeth as he smiles
hard not to laugh hee hee hee ha ha ha
itsy bitsy tinee winee yellow polka dot bikini
jaundice was the son when he was born
kookaburra’s raucous laughter seems to mock
lachesism is not something I wish to happen
mud flood I don’t give a thud
numb I become when I don’t move an inch
obey me today, you say no way Jose
pulse is racing when I get excited
quill driver I hope to be one day
rough as toast as could ever be
saliva from the dog as he licked me
trembling with excitement and anxiety
upturned tubs and all flowers were thrown about
verse one, chapter one and I can’t wait to read
wistful thinking if I can finish it in one sitting
Xerarch that’s a new word for me
yield afield as I shield the unrevealed
zigzag course when chased by predators

(c) ladyleemanila 2016

For: Writing Prompt November 13 – Abecedarian

4 thoughts on “Writing Prompt November 13 – Abecedarian

  1. I love, love, love what you did with the prompt, I really like how you brought “kaleidoscope” as both a word, a concept and an mage into your poem, and I really liked some of the weaved statements in the second one, especially the ending with the zig zag runing.
    I hope you had fun with the prompt!

    Liked by 1 person

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