Happy Sunday everyone!

Hello everyone! Happy Sunday! I thought I would never see you again, or blog for that matter. For a couple of days, I wasn’t able to access my blog site, can’t put new post, can’t read the other posts, can’t do anything…. wrote to wordpress and they said it appears that I have reached the maximum space provided and I should upgrade to Business plan, which is more expensive than the Premium plan that I have, and I have just renewed that Premium plan. Still unresolved, but I’m happy that I’m back to be with you all again.

Anyway, it’s a cold Sunday morning here in Bavaria. It has been raining the past couple of days, but never mind, I’m sharing with you some photos (bits and pieces of the past, as I cannot post any new photo). Cheers for now and enjoy your Sunday!

For: #MySundayPhoto – Fungi , ‘Xochitl and the Flowers’ (Sundays In My City), ALL SEASONS – THANKS on NOVEMBER 20 , I Want Your Smile #weeklysmile 46 reminder

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10 thoughts on “Happy Sunday everyone!

  1. I hope you get everything sorted with your blog soon. it’s horrible when you are without your blog as they become so much a part of you, a little bit of your history through thoughts and photographs.

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  2. Happy for you that you resolved your problem:) On your dashboard it tells you in numbers how much “space” you have used of that which wordpress has allotted.. Love the stained glass, and the top of the mountain/hill view! It looks like pumpkins are now also in Bavaria? One of the great new things I learned in the USA in the 80ties was pumpkin pie:) Many thanks for sharing with ALL SEASONS and have a great week:)

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    1. thanks, Jesh 🙂 wow, I’ve used a lot of “space”! from all the photos and videos that I’ve posted 🙂 never mind, happy that I can still blog. Pumpkins are also in Bavaria (taken last month, part of the “harvest”). Have a great week ❤


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